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Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Mini


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120W high-performance powerful motor strong suction secrets
Turbo fan blade equipped with a powerful motor, effective and fast to remove stubborn dust, strong suction power directly to the depths of the crevices in the car, Chigo core design, suction power lasting, to remove stubborn dust


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Standard [300000r suction power] wireless charging models, Upgrade [350000r suction power] wireless charging models + cartridge * 2, Luxury [500000r strong suction] fast charging wireless + cartridge * 3 + nozzle, Supreme [750000r strong suction + strong range] fast charge / cartridge * 4 + multi-function brush / storage bag / extraction nozzle, High performance [980000r strong suction + strong range] fast charging / steel cartridge + multi-function brush / storage bag, Explosive suction set [980000r explosive suction] fast charge / cartridge * 5 + brush head / storage / towel / draw nozzle, New wireless set [980000r burst suction] fast charging / steel cartridge / brush head / storage / towel / draw nozzle


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